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Located in Cochrane Alberta

Are you tired of treatments, supplements, therapies, and medications that don’t seem to be working? Have you tried everything?


It's not the treatments… your body may simply be imbalanced to the very substances that will allow them to work!


Laughing Kids

Reproductive & Hormone Balancing

Are you struggling with infertility or hormone imbalances? Tired of conventional therapies that are getting you nowhere?

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Seasonal Allergy Balancing

Do you have seasonal reactions to:

  • Ragweed

  • Grasses

  • Animal fur

  • Dust & dander

  • Flower Pollens

  • Pine, spruce, firs, willow, oat etc.

Enjoying Nature

Stress | General Body Balancing

Are you:

  • Living in flight or fight mode (ALWAYS STRESSED)

  • Struggling with digestive dysfunction

  • Experiencing rapid aging

  • Noticing age-related memory loss

  • Dealing with insomnia

  • Experiencing skin issues


 Equine Appointments 

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