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Can You Get Rid Of Your Allergies? 2-Steps You Can Take To "Correct" Them!


An allergic reaction is simply the immune system overreacting to a substance it normally considers harmless or at least tolerable... treating it as an invader that it needs to destroy!

So What Do You Do?

Simple, you reintroduce that substance to the body on an energetic level (so there is no negative reaction) so the body can see its mistake and correct itself!

Yup, it's actually as easy as that and that's how BioEnergetics works!

There is a specific BioEnergetics session called Allergy Relief that can help you correct these imbalances. In an Allergy Relief session we pin-point exactly which:

  • plants & pollens

  • dust & fumes

  • foods

  • animal hair

  • personal care products

  • chemicals

…that your body is no longer properly recognizing and is therefore REACTING to…

Then using a BioEnergetics device we re-introduce those substances on an energetic level and let the body do the rest!

But Why Did You Have The Allergies In The First Place?

"The triggers for the allergy epidemic are environmental and nutritional."

50+ years ago allergies were UNCOMMON! That's right, just like obesity, developmental problems and cancer were much less prevalent.

So what has changed?

"Over the last 60 years, the world has been hit by a plethora of pollution, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, processed and highly chemical-laden foods devoid of nutrients, genetically modified organisms and antibiotics - all of which have thrown the immune system into chaos."

Read that one more time, slowly.

How Do You Keep The Allergies From Coming Back?

So we've corrected the allergies with BioEnergetics... but how do you keep them gone!?

Keeping them from coming back means addressing the reason you got them.

Your answer lies in that small quote above:

Reduce the toxic load by slowly making clean, healthful choices and watch your inflammation disappear as your body starts to regulate and bring itself back into homeostatic balance!

Your body can heal, and it can be restored to health. I am living proof of this, having overcome almost a decade-long battle with "Lyme Disease," and debilitating chronic illness.

You can get rid of your allergies if you reduce the toxic load and give your body the environment it needs to do what it does best... heal and restore!

Do you know someone who:

  • Suffers from seasonal allergies?

  • Is an animal person that is allergic to animals?

  • Is a farmer allergic to pollens or a certain crop?

  • Is an industrial worker sensitive to workplace materials?

You can vote for more than one answer.

Is It Really That Simple?

Weston A. Price was a man who went into the Blue Zones LONG before The Blue Zones were a cool Netflix series. At a time when most people considered these native peoples to be savages in need of the civilizing influence of Western culture, Price saw the truth.

He was one of the earliest and most outspoken voices against the rapid rise of refined and processed foods in our Western culture.

"He was one of the first to observe that many of the common diseases in our culture - including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, tooth decay and obesity - were rare among indigenous peoples throughout the world whose diet was made of natural, fresh, unprocessed foods, growth in their environment."

There was more than just diet at play here to promote health and vitality... but the point here is:

Health is simple: don't complicate it! Your body knows how to heal.

What you can do right now to transform your health & restore a healthy immune function:

Of course, the details will be slightly different for everyone because we are each so incredibly unique!

But you don't have to get on fancy treatment plans or do crazy detoxes.

Go back to the basics! The fundamentals of health and give your body the space and capacity to heal itself.

  1. Get BioEnergetically balanced to the allergens! BOOK HERE!

  2. Go back to basics: follow the steps I outline below to reduce inflammation and create an environment where your body can heal itself!

Combine these two steps and you have a recipe for success!

The Basics:

The Fundamentals

How To Implement Them

Clean, whole-food, unprocessed diet

​It's as simple and difficult as this. But here's your key to success...

  1. Know your why and be committed

  2. Understand that this takes months/ years and that's okay!!

Making the decision to feed yourself and your family a whole-food diet free of unprocessed foods is one of the most impactful things you can do for their physical and mental health!

Eliminating the toxicity that comes from processed foods will slowly transform your body. It will allow your immune system to turn back, your hormones to balance, your taste buds will change, your anxiety will decrease, mental health will improve and your body will no longer need to be oversensitive or overreact to everyday substances!


Resource: How To Cut Out (Processed) Sugar!

Clean personal care products

​The same is true with eliminating toxins in the products you come into contact with on a daily basis!

Remember: your skin is your largest organ!

That means what you put on it gets into your bloodstream just like ingesting it would! The same goes for your lungs, breathing something in is just that, exposing your internal system to that substance.

Slowly transition to clean products for the same transforming reasons you clean up your diet!

Don't suppress your immune system

Did you know your body creates a fever for a reason? It increases your body temp so it can burn out the infection or invader... this is good!

Suppressing this by taking drugs when you get sick literally shuts down the immune system, and keeps it from doing it's job.

If this continues your immune system will never learn how to properly react and therefore won't react fully when you need it to or react inappropriately when you don't need it to... a.k.a allergies!

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