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Is this

Pre-Conception Nutrition & Wellness Program With
1-On-1 Coaching

right for you?

Interested in learning how to properly prepare & and nourish your body for conception?

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This Pre-Conception Nutritional/ Wellness Program

Is for you if you relate to any of the following:

You are worried about a miscarriage or have previously experienced a miscarriage

You have a deep knowing that you should be nourishing and preparing your body for growing a baby but don’t know where to start

You have been or are currently on a vegan or vegetarian diet & are concerned it's not enough going into pregnanacy 

You are on baby 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. and know that your body is depleted and needs proper nourishment.

You have been on birth control for long periods and are concerned about how this has affected your hormones and gut & and what that will mean for carrying a child

You have dealt with a host of health issues that nobody can seem to help you with and are hesitant to try to start a family because of it

 Program Outline 

Holistic Nutrition coaching is about putting the power back into YOUR hands!


It’s not about following a meal plan, it is the empowerment that comes from learning what your individual nutritional needs are and how to implement them.

This pre-conception holistic nutritional program is about learning how to tap into your God-given intuition, listening to what the body is telling you through symptoms, cues or warning signs.

It is about whole body health and learning how your health & lifestyle choices act as the framework for the health of your future children!

This isn’t your typical nutritional coaching. If you are looking for someone to write you a meal plan that you can blindly follow without doing any discovery or accountability work then this program is NOT for you!

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Phase I

[1 week]


Phase I is all about identifying your unique nutritional needs! We are creating a program specifically for YOU! You have your first appointment with me.

You’ll receive a “Tweak Sheet” highlighting all of this individualized information:

  • Blood type profile with corresponding foods lists

  • Metabolic type profile highlighting the specific ratios of macronutrients your body will do best on

  • Nutrient requirement outline


Phase II

[3 weeks]

Importance of Pre-Conception Health 

Let’s kick this phase off with your second appointment with me. The we start to implement the ratios and foods outlined in your “Tweak Sheet!”

You will have 3 items to focus on in each phase, making any changes simple and easy to implement! We will utilize 1 week of food journalling to further individualize your macronutrient needs.

3-day sample meal plan!

Topics we’ll cover:

  • How Your Choices Now Impact Baby Later

    • Fear or Love​

    • Your Impact

    • Epigenetics

  • Learning What To Replace

    • Addressing: trans fats, artificial sweeteners, GMO's, refined products, soy & vegetable oils​

  • Your New Focus! Nutrient-Dense Foods for You

  • Importance of Quality Foods

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Phase III

[3 weeks]

Preparing For Baby's Needs

In Phase III, you’ll come in for your 3rd appointment, then we implement your new macronutrient ratios based on your 1 week of food journalling from phase II.

You receive an updated “Tweak Sheet” with your 3 focuses.

Updated 3-day sample meal plan!

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Importance of fat

    • What we learn from Mother's Milk​

  • Why your gut health matters for baby

    • Microbiome & whole body health​

    • Connection to baby

  • Baby’s specific Nutrient Need & How To Prepare

    • Addressing: omega's, Vitamin D & A, Vitamin K2, Salt, Folate | Choline, Vitamin E​

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Phase IV

[3 week]

Restoring Your Gut Health

After appointment number 4 you will again receive an updated “Tweak Sheet.” At this point in the program, you will have a whole new confidence around what and how to eat for your specific needs.

Now we can focus on restoring gut health, you will learn new tools and introduce new habits

Updated 3-day sample meal plan!

Topics we’ll cover:

  • 5 Steps to restoring digestive function

  • Fermented foods, why and how to use them

  • Raw vs pasteurized

Image by NEOM

Phase II

[3 weeks]

Restoring Vitality | Drainage

Health is simple. At this stage you’ve already learned so much about your body, how to feed it, how to address symptoms, how to prepare it for a healthy pregnancy.

Now we focus on the basics of health that promote drainage and open the floodgates for the body to thrive in health.

3-day sample meal plan!

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Living in wellness - implementing the fundamentals:

    • Nutrition & water

    • Breathing

    • Movement & Sun

    • Facilitating drainage for healing

    • Drainage tools

  • New habits

    • Addressing EMF’s

 Is This Program For you? 

It’s all here for you: the guidance, one-on-one support, the tools, education etc.

But your success in this course depends on you! Following this course, you will be well on your way to a level of health and vitality you haven’t experienced, meaning your body will be primed and ready to nurture a growing baby!


Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to commit so that you, your spouse and your future children can thrive in health and wellness?


How To Apply


Submit your information

In the "Ready To Jump In" contact form at the bottom of this page!


Fill Out The Application

I will personally send you an email with an application questionnaire. 


Schedule Your 30-Minute Zoom Call

Once you have completed the questionnaire there will be a link to book your Zoom call with me!

What This Course Includes

If you are looking for a program that:


Uses interactive quizzes and questionnaires to identify your specific nutritional needs


Teaches you to take hold of your nutritional health by guiding you through the process of learning to listen to the needs your body is constantly expressing


Provides clear application steps, tools and resources to successfully implement everything you are learning


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Provides 5 one-on-one coaching appointments with me + daily access to my help and guidance via online messaging portal


Empowers you with weekly educational content focused on pre-conception nutrition 


Guides you with updated 3-day sample meal plans at the beginning of each 3 week phase.


Prepares you & your partner for a healthy pregnancy & empowers you in health & wellness during pregnancy & lactation.

Ready To Jump In?

If you have read through this page & are fired up about the idea of starting this Pre-Conception Nutrition Program then go ahead and take the next step!

Fill out your information & I will send you a questionnaire to get us started to see if this really is the right program for you!

Thanks for submitting! Stay tuned, I will personally send your application shortly!

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