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Childhood Traumas: The Starting Point For Your Health Journey

Curious but uncomfortable because of the title?

It may be uncomfortable at the start but identifying childhood traumas play’s a HUGE role in shaping your healing protocol, and is something I go through with every client.

After all, whether physical or emotional, we have all experienced some degree of childhood trauma. Even if you were raised in a great home but vividly remember losing your favourite stuffed animal at a specific age, your body may have stored that as a trauma.

Why are these traumas important?

Thanks to principles from anthroposophical and Chinese medicine we know that each organ system reaches energetic maturity at specific ages. Here are the approximate ages:


Organ System

Conception - 18 months


2 - 6 years

GI / Liver

7 - 11 years

Lung / Respiration

11 - 15 years (puberty)


17 - 21 years


22 - 28 years

Central Nervous System

What Does This Mean?

Obviously, you already know what your symptoms mean and how the holistic approach works… because you certainly aren’t reading this article without having first read the What Is The Holistic Approach article… I mean surely.

(If that’s you, you are forgiven but for heaven’s sake please go start at the beginning, otherwise you’re just going to confuse yourself!)

So having now understood what the Holistic approach means you know that:

Our symptoms are the body’s way of saying, “I have been placed under too much of a toxic load for too long, and I can’t keep up anymore.”

It doesn't need to be complicated, too much toxicity equals symptoms. What do I mean by toxicity?

  • Chronic stress: constantly producing stress hormones that tire out the organs and clog up the systems

  • Poor diet: processed, refined, take out garbage is not food, your body doesn't see chemicals/ additives and processed sugar as a fuel source, it sees it as a toxin that it needs to protect the body from, so it puts energy into filtering, sorting and eliminating it!

  • Pesticides/ chemicals/ fungicides etc: this may seem like a trivial thing, until you learn just how much pesticide gets sprayed onto a single crop...

  • Tap water: townships can only filter so many substances... thousands of substances/ organisms such as some pharmaceuticals go unfiltered, now think about how much of this you drink and cook with on a daily basis, it adds up doesn't it?

  • Medications/ Supplements:

  • Emotional traumas that haven't been dealt with: These can be stored as frequencies that disrupt the flow of voltage or electrons to specific organs, slowing down the function of those organ systems.

  • Spiritual imbalances: as we've learned you can't have an imbalance in one area of your person and not effect the other two (mind and body).

  • Poor/ lack of sleep

  • Stagnation or too much exercise

Picture the organs as drains. If the drain is clogged, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the drain itself. We just have to unclog it so it can perform it’s normal function.

When our organs are so overwhelmed that they “back up with toxicity,” that toxicity overflows into other organs and tissues, not only slugging them up and slowing those organs down, but now burdening, tissues, emunctories, joints etc. resulting in symptoms.

Combining The Two!

So we now understand the underlying issue is toxicity, (unless you have an acute injury or some rare genetic disorder) whether your body expresses this toxicity with arthritis, skin issues, constipation, GI disorders, memory loss, nerve damage... that depends on your unique physiology, your weaknesses and YOUR HISTORY!

Childhood traumas point us to the organ system that may not have been fully, energetically developed, or has been blocked by emotional traumas that weren't dealt with and is therefore the system we need to start with!

Adult traumas won't affect the energetic development of these systems but will play a role in dictating how your body specifically expresses or experiences toxicity.

EXAMPLE: 40 year old man experiencing severe arthritis in his knees. Played competitive hockey for 20 years, and had an emotional trauma (loss of his mother) at 5. This points us to the liver/ GI tract that needs to be cleared in order to decrease toxicity so the joints can clear, but the 20 years of hockey meant that his "weak" point was his knees, so that is where the toxicity was severly experienced/ expressed.

Here's What You Can Do

When we have a proper understanding of our symptoms, we know that nothing is necessarily “broken” or “malfunctioning” in the body. Rather we can view the organs as a system of drains. We simply have to facilitate drainage in those organs so they can return to normal physiological function and stop overflowing with toxicity that it couldn’t handle.

In my practice, I use BioEnergetics and I also suggest homeopathic remedies (Note: I am not a homeopathic doctor) to help facilitate drainage in those specific organs/systems, using your traumas (among some other indicators) to guide me to the right systems!


Step 1: Sit quietly and think about the emotional/ physical traumas you went through from birth to 28 years old, write them down with the ages you were at the time & the corresponding organ system.

Note: Maybe you've spent years burying these traumas, never wanting to relive them... if this is a very heavy topic for you, have a partner or friend support you through this.

Step 2: As you think through each trauma, let yourself experience the emotions that come up, anger, hurt, sadness... you don't stay there, but rather you just safely acknowledge the emotions you feel regarding these traumas... that right there is an emotional release. When you let yourself do this, you release emotional/ physiological blockages in the body.

Step 3: Do this with God. As Christians, we know our freedom comes from Christ, and he is the one who makes us a new creation when we are baptized into His family!

  1. Give these traumas over to Him,

  2. Identify, and ask God to show you if there are any lies that you are believing because of what you went through (Ex. you aren't loved or you aren't good enough.). WRITE THESE DOWN next to the trauma.

  3. Denounce those lies

  4. Repent for believing the lies instead of believing what God says and believes about you.

Step 4: Declare his truth over yourself, that you are a new creation, freed from past traumas, made uniquely for Him, and for an eternity in heaven with Him!

  1. Cross out the lie on the paper and write down God's truth beside it (find a fitting verse).

  2. Ask Him to renew your mind, to help you heal and to reprogram His truths in replacement of the lies you were believing!

His Truths:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here! - 2 Corinthians 5:17

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. - 2 Corinthians 4:16

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isiah 30: 21

What God Says About Me:

List of verses to declare and believe about yourself! Remember, God already believes these things about you, believe what He does!

The End!

Thank you for taking the time to invest in your health and read through this article! I encourage you to keep going in your health journey, learn, ask questions, do the research, and focus on small, realistic steps!

Next article to read: The Holistic Approach.

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